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I Write to You – My Dearest (2)

My Dearest,

First love never dies. People said that. But I can say that my first love already died before I love you. I realize that I wasted my time being in love to the one who never know my feeling. How stupid I was after knowing that he got a child and I didn’t know that when he got married to her. How stupid I was waiting him to realized me only from social media after we graduated from school. Is she her love when in high school?? As I saw the name it’s different. Well I was crying at that time. How stupid and how blind that I never seen to anyone but him. What a waste.. But to conclude that I’ve just learn that we can’t only wait. Yes girl is the one who wait but I can see that as a girl we should be seen at least to make our waiting worth enough.

Well, you know why when you said you like me. I try to reply you even you were not asking me to reply. It’s because I’m tired enough to do nothing and lose someone without any move.

As what I said before, my first love already died before I love you. I hope that it’s the same to you too. Do you got what I mean?? Well, it’s not only about first love but about your love before me. Since I’ve been loving someone only twice and as I said the first one already died so it’s only one and it’s you.

Well then i curious about you… how is you? And.. I still found the trace between you and her. But I’m not going to conclude anything.
I know that you’ve been off for a long time. But then when i see yours again i saw that you were made change of something there but you still keep that past on you. you weren’t delete anything after this long time.

Human is the place where jealous come right… How could i’m not jealous when you still keep the post of her pict even it’s only on socmed. I feel that you still in the shadowed of your past.

I really disappointed.. my eyes again wet..

Okay then after a long discussion with you, you just said that i took the wrong conclusion and it’s not what i thought about. You said that you just forgot about that stuff on socmed but for me it’s not something to be forgotten when you only have that one pict still on socmed and it’s only one pict and it’s her. how could i’m not jealous?? Do I too much… No, I’m not. You should know that small things can be bigger when you ignore it and make everything as easy as you think. Girl’s heart is so soft as water but you know water can break anything. You have to try to understand more…

After all, i will just see and wait what changes you will make to prove me anything. I’m in the middle of trying to trust you again about your feeling.

Anyway don’t get mistaken I still care of you.




May 25, 2019 at 3:05 am

the story reminds me about fathima..

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