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I Write to You – My Dearest (3)


My Dearest,

I’m sorry for being so childish yesterday and all day.

I say sorry doesn’t mean that it’s just me who made mistakes.

You made mistakes…

I was just remind by this morning,

Maybe… “Instead of chasing “you that you want to”, just become the person that others need.”

Sorry.. I was just fed up of you and it takes time. And as i remember everytime when i mad at you or you mad at me, it seems like always me who ask first why and what should i do or we do. Even it’s just a small things.

I know you say sorry, but you just said it. And you made it again by the next day.

Just small things. But who i am judging someone.

If we are in a competition to silent and not to care, you are the winner!!!

Now, i just want to say sorry for being bad… Wholeheartedly, sorry for being too much. Just continue what’s your priority.



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